Monday, January 14, 2013

Fashion Rules To Break: Age Appropriate Dressing

If you google What Not to Wear Over 40, you will find pages and pages of people telling your their rules for dressing as you age. I call hooey on that one. If you look at some of these "rule for women over 40", you will notice they are pretty much rules for everyone. No one looks good in Capri pants. If you have any meat on your bones, you should be careful on how you wear horizontal strips because they can make you look wider than you want. Panty-hose with sandals...panty-hose with anything is bad news even after the resurgence by Kate Middleton. Look at some of this nonsense I found:

Tim Gunn says:

If you're over 40, you should never wear:
    1. Horizontal stripes
    2. Jackets that hit at mid-thigh
    3. Pleated pants
    4. Double-breasted blazers
    5. Capri-length pants
    6. Low-rise jeans

Nancy Redd - AOL:
  • Awful After 50: They're nicknamed "granny panties" for a reason - oversized underwear can          rapidly age a woman both mentally and appearance-wise. 
  • Awful After 50: Wearing pantyhose with sandals is a definite no-no at any age, but the older one gets, the more frequently this rule seems to be broken. 
  • Awful After 50: Unless you're Tina Turner, chances are that your triceps and biceps are best under the cover of your clothing, so steer clear of sleeveless clothing. 
  • Awful After 50: A little cleavage may be sexy, but showing off your decollete in a super-low V-Neck can appear desperate at any age, but especially as you become older. 
  • Awful After 50: Too much bling is not a good thing for the graceful ager, so stay away from too many strands, rings, clips, pins and other shiny things.
  • Awful After 50: Except for the occasional aerobics class exception, hair scrunchies are entirely inappropriate for any woman over the age of five, rather less 50. 
  • Awful After 50: You're way past the grubby sneakers phase and no, it's not possible to pass them off as part of your new "grunge" phase especially when everything else you're wearing is pristine. 
  • Awful After 50: A wisecrack is the only crack you need to be sharing with the world at any age, so avoid wearing low-rise jeans. 
  • Awful After 50: Removing your makeup with cheap moisturizer or (heaven forbid) Vaseline is just asking for extra lines.
  • Awful After 50: Publicly rummaging through a big, cheap purse. The lack of a good pocketbook just screams to the world, "I've given up on looking chic!"

This one is the worst! Source:
  • Black leather pants or jackets should be circumvented after the age of forty.
  • Jackets that are of mid-thigh length should be avoided.
  • Creased trousers should be evaded.
  • Fluorescent colors should also be shunned.
  • 3/4th length trousers should not be worn.
  • Low rise jeans.
  • Plunge V necklines should not be worn.
  • Mini skirts should be avoided.
  • Wearing bikinis means violating this ninth rule.
  • Wearing sleeveless clothes may reveal your skin aging.
The lesson here is wear what makes you comfortable and suits you and your lifestyle. Break the rules, it is liberating! Take your cue from these women over 40:


  1. I love seeing when still looking great at over 40. They look amazing.